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2020 Goals

Our first year was all about getting started, building a company from the ground up, and organizing our goals and ideas. Yeah, we had some sales, but that’s not our main focus. We know that sales won’t just come from Instagram ads and social media posts. Sales come from building a brand and a community, so that’s our 2020 goal and these are 5 of our main focuses for growth in 2020:

  1. More Local Events

Events are not only our best way of getting sales, but the best way to get our name out there. Last year, we were short on product and brand material so we didn’t do a lot. This year we hope to do at least 3-5 local events. 

  1. More blogs

Blogs sound lame to most people. But any internet marketing guru knows blogs are how you get the big guy to notice you. The big guy being Google. Google knows to index your site the more you update it. A great way to update your site is blogs. You guys don’t have to read them, but it’s helpful if you do. That’s called traffic. The more updates and traffic your site gets, the higher in a Google search you appear. Plus, the more recognizable our brand becomes as you share our website and blogs. Our goal is 1 blog a month this year. Hopefully we can do more than that, but the best way to achieve a goal is to make them attainable, so that’s what we’re shooting for. 

  1. Organizing new item releases

We have a ton of shirt ideas we’ve been waiting to release. Last year we came up with ideas and released them as they came because we needed more product. They weren’t always great. This year, we’re working on the quality of designs rather than the quantity. Not only are we focusing on quality, but we’re focusing on strategically releasing them rather than as they come.

  1. Charity

We pride ourselves on the donation basis of our company. Sure, tons of companies donate, but most companies choose one charity to focus their brand toward. We want to change the world. We want to help as many people as we can. In our opinion, one charity just isn’t enough, so we use our designs to associate with different charitable causes. So far, we haven’t had enough sales to make a big impact, but eventually we will. Last year was about organizing the idea of how to donate to charity. This year, we hope to actually get involved. We want to get into the community. Help clean the bay, do a charity 5k, or volunteer at a shelter to name a few ideas. Ultimately, we’d like to put on our own large charity event, but that’s a huge event in the works for the future. 

  1. Reaching out

In 2020, we want to do better at reaching out. Last year we were still building a business structure so we weren’t confident enough to meet with local shops to explain and sell our brand. This year, we are ready to share our ideas and brand to others. We are ready to reach out to local businesses and see if they’d like to carry our designs. If so, great! If not, we’ll try again later, right? The moral here is that it can’t hurt to ask! 

Why the heck are we posting our secrets and ideas? To hold us accountable! One of the values we pride our company on is transparency. We aren’t hiding anything. We want the public to be apart of our journey from start to finish. We want you to know what’s going on behind the scenes. We want you to know not only our successes, but our failures. Honesty is big for us, and we want to be a company you can trust. So we decided to put everything out on the table so you can help hold us accountable for 2020. 


Thanks to all of our supporters in 2019! We hope you liked our products and will continue to share our brand with the world. 


The Ashletics Team