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I'm Different...Yeah I'm Different

That's a 2 Chainz song in case you didn’t catch on...

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But the idea is that we are ALL different and that is important to remember when looking into workout plans. 

Just because your friend is getting ripped off of the Keto diet and CrossFit, doesn’t mean you will. Heck, if I tried to do CrossFit while on Keto, I would pass out from lack of carbs! It doesn’t mean you can’t try it, but you have to remember that if it doesn’t work, it just means it’s not for you.

Some people are just genetically different.

For example, I can eat carbs all day long and not get fat.

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My boyfriend on the other hand, bloats as soon as he eats a piece of bread or any other type of carb. Unfortunate for him.

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But the important part to this is not to get discouraged when something may not be working for you as well as it is for someone else. Just as I said my boyfriend bloats from a piece of bread, he also works out intensively 5-7 days a week, but his muscles aren’t as profound as most people that workout at his level. It’s just his body type. And luckily for him, he is aware of that and never lets it discourage him. 

The idea that everyone is different is important to remember as a trainer as well. You can’t prescribe the same workout to a 92 year old and a 26 year old. If you don’t feel comfortable doing an exercise, or feel that it just isn’t working for you and your goals, then tell your trainer. And if they don’t listen, get a new trainer!

Moral of the story for you Average Joes out there looking to get in shape:

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Don’t go into every fad that comes around thinking it’s going to work for you. But once you find something that works for you, stick to it! For me, it’s working out during my lunch breaks and calorie counting. For my boyfriend, it’s meal prepping and a mix of cardio and weights. For my brother, it’s living off egg whites and protein shakes. For my friend in Florida, it's running marathons. For my best friend, it's yoga. See what I mean? Everyone is different, your workouts should be too.