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My Story

So this girl started a fitness blog, big whoop, why should you trust her? Well I'm going to tell you, and then tell you how it can help you.

My story began when I was 12. I played softball and my dad took me in the garage and said, "here, lift this weight so you can hit the ball further."  From that day on I haven't stopped working out, and no ladies, I do not look like Hulk Hogan, I just look like I could pick up that heavy box if you need me to. 

My senior year of high school they created a gym class called "Stretching and Toning." This is where my fitness knowledge and experience improved immensely. The class was meant to get girls to not be afraid of the weight room, didn't work as well as they planned, but I learned the basics of bench press, squats, and other body groups.

I loved sports so I majored in Sport and Exercises Science in college. I wanted to be a strength and conditioning coach. However, after interning with our D1 athletes, I quickly learned there's little money and opportunity in the field for a woman. So I moved on to interning in Sports Marketing. So now, I'm combining my two loves to help you.

I have a BS in Exercise Science form the University of Central Florida with a minor in Communications. I spent $100,000 for a piece of paper that says I know how to exercise and how to write. I worked in a hospital for 2 years with Orthopedics, I know injuries. I have also coached kids in Little League for 3 years. So no matter what your age, I'm capable of coaching you into what you want to be.

To answer all the professionals' question: Yes, I am a certified CPT as of 2018! I have a BS in Exercise Science, CPT certification, and medical and coaching experience. So that's why you should trust me. Now, for the good stuff...


How do you reach your goals?

My friends get annoyed at how fit I look. They get more annoyed when I flaunt it. But they, and you too, can also look like this. All it takes is determination and a love for what you're doing.

My fitness techniques do not consist of pre-made workouts, meal plans, or expensive DVD's like P90x. I simply go to the gym because I enjoy it. It's become my playground where I just go play with equipment and find new things to do with it. When you're working out for fun rather than work, the results speak for themselves. So find what you love and build on it.

My diet consists of pizza, french fries, ice cream, and carbs on carbs on carbs. That's the OPPOSITE of what trainers and nutritionist suggest, I know. I in no way suggest you switch to that diet, but it's nice that I can eat all that and maintain a fit physique just by loving what I do.

I'm going to blog exercise experiences, eating habits, and all kinds of things for you to see that working out doesn't have to be all work, it can be fun, and you can make it a lifestyle.

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