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Remember This Time

Remember how people have treated you during this pandemic:

Remember how strangers treated you at the grocery store when you went to stock up.

Remember how schools and campuses shut down for your safety. 

Remember those whom offered to feed the students that need school meals in order to eat.

Remember the businesses that closed BEFORE it was mandated because they were concerned about employee safety and not their financial burdens.

Remember the doctors, nurses, police officers, fire fighters, EMT’s, veterinarians, dentists, and other essential medical staff that still helped you despite how it may affect them and their families.

Remember the unsuspecting employees at grocery stores that had to continue to come to work so that you could get your supplies.

Remember the mailmen and women, the delivery drivers, the trash facility workers, and the utility people that still have to work so that you can live a normal life while quarantined.



But also remember the businesses that DIDN’T close until it was mandated.

Remember the strangers that were rude to the cashier or that took more than what they needed. 

It's Survival of The Realest. You’re learning people’s true colors. Their real opinions and behaviors.


Because when all of this is over, no matter how they acted, those people won't change.


But the bigger truth is...

This is a Global Pandemic. You can have every opinion you want to about the situation and about how different states and countries are handling it. However, the CDC, WHO, and other global organizations are telling you that this is a serious situation. SO IT IS

Remember, we are taking these precautions so that the numbers you see DON’T increase. So that NOTHING happens.


It’s like golf. We want the lowest numbers possible when it’s all said and done.



We want it to look like we “overreacted.” Because if it doesn’t then we have failed at protecting our communities.

Whether you think mass cancellations and closures are crazy or not is not important. That's right...believe it or not, your opinion is not important right now (unless you are an essential medical expert).


What is important, is that we help stop the global spread of a virus that has been deemed unsafe by a Global Health Organization.

Not because of the number of deaths, but because of the rate it spreads. Because people that are asymptomatic can spread it to those that won’t be able to fight it.

So for once, be selfless. Put your opinions aside and abide by whatever rules your government is telling you. Billion dollar industries, businesses, and schools don't close for nothing people.