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Show me the Money!

Some of us are good at saving. Some of us are spenders.

Whether you’re a saver or a spender, here is something you should definitely spend you money on:


Some say it's a millennial thing.


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But the person who taught me this valuable lesson is now in his lates 60's so that can't be totally true. My grandfather always said:

"Ashly, spend the money. You will always make the money back, you'll never get the time back."

I've lived this way ever since. I used to never spend my money on ANYTHING I didn't need. Now, I travel, and I spend it on things you can't do on a normal basis. And food of course, because who can say no to wings and beer now and then.


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So besides food, what "experiences" am I talking about?

Fun ones!

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(sing it with me now)

Everyone's definition of fun is different. I may want to go white water rafting, and you may prefer sky diving. But the point is, it's something that people don't do every day of their lives. Chances are, unless you are loaded and have tons of time on your hands (in which case, please fund my business), then you may only get one opportunity to do these things, so take it!

Whether your idea of fun is the Caribbean vacation you've been dreaming of, or a cozy winter stay in the mountains of Colorado, spend the money and take the vacation. Spend the money, go on the scuba excursion on your cruise. Spend the money, go to the fancy restaurant you've been dying to try. Spend the money, go get the large milkshake at your hometown ice cream shop. 

You don't have to be rich to spend on "experiences." Now, I'm not telling you to go blow your last $1.25 just to upgrade to a large milkshake, but if you have the money, then do it.

If you don't have the money? Well, start saving. Some people live paycheck to paycheck and I get that it can be difficult. But for some, it can be as simple as letting go of that


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Think about it, a $5 cup every day for a year is $1820 a year. That's an all-inclusive Caribbean trip. Instead of Starbucks, make that coffee at home and put that $5 in a jar and BOOM you have a vacation next year. 

The points is:

The memories of these experiences will last you a lifetime. It's a feeling that's hard to describe, but I say it's like pure bliss. Like the world just stops, nothing is wrong in the world for the split second (or 3 days, whatever it is) that your participating in your chosen experience. You can't put a pricetag on it. So if you have the money, and you're debating whether to blow some of it on something you've always wanted to do or somewhere you've always wanted to go, then do it.

Pops is right, you won't always have the time. And what happens when your time runs out? All those material things you bought just sit there, or they go to your family, or get sold at an estate sale. And you don't get to keep the money sitting in the bank to spend in the afterlife of your choosing. So why not do something different? So show me the money, show me the fun, just go!

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