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What is Ashletics?

Ashletics is a company that promotes bettering the world and yourself

It is called Ashletics because my name is Ashly, and I’ve always loved sports and fitness. It is called Ashletics because we create “athleisure” wear (Ashleisure if you will). 

It is NOT called Ashletics because we are a fitness, athletics, or sports company. It is NOT called Ashletics because we want you to be an athlete. Can you wear our clothes to the gym or the yoga studio? Absolutely! Can you wear our clothes on your couch? Absolutely! Can you wear our clothes out with your friends on the weekend? Absolutely! Can you wear our clothes to work? Eh, depends on your job, but probably not. 

Despite the name, we have nothing to do with sports and fitness other than it’s a hobby of mine. All we want to do is help better the world and yourself by promoting our lifestyle.

What is our Lifestyle?


In one word, that is our lifestyle. We want everyone to relax! We want everyone to stop fighting with each other over politics, social media, and whatever else they can think of. We want everyone to stop attacking others for their personal beliefs. We just want everyone to get along. 

Our way of spreading that on social media is the hashtag #StayChill. Because we would really like it if everyone could be as chill as we try to be on a daily basis. Not everyone has a go-with-the-flow personality and that’s ok. But if you can #StayChill and at least not argue with people just because someone has a different opinion than you, then I think the world might be a happier place. 

We also want everyone to physically and mentally relax. Whether it’s sitting on your couch after work, going to the gym, going to yoga, walking your dog, sitting at the pool, playing an instrument, building something, painting, hiking, shopping, video games…whatever your hobby to relax is, we want you to do it! We want you to make sure you make the time to do it. That is the important part.

If it were up to us, we’d let you work from home, take mental health days, and have a 4 day workweek as long as your work is getting done. It’s been proven that people work harder when there is one less day to do the work, and they work better when they are happier and less stressed. 

Alas, we aren’t in charge of the world. We know everyone is working 40+ hours in America. We know everyone has families and friends they need to attend to outside of work. We know that what’s left of your day after work is slim to none. But we also know, you still need to take care of yourself in that short amount of time. And that is part of the message we want to get to people. 


Because if you’re taking care of yourself, then you’re less likely to be one of those people that fight over politics, social media, etc. To be blunt: you’re less likely to feel like shit on a daily basis and less likely to make other people feel like shit. You’ll be less stressed and happier. And if you are happier, it’s more likely we can make the world a little happier. They say happiness is contagious, and as silly as it sounds, we believe it. 

Are we ever going to reach world peace? No. But, you can help make the every day lives of you and those around you easier, happier, and less stressful. All just by making the time to care for yourself. For some reason, that concept is hard to grasp for people, so we’re trying to spread the message. 

How do we want to make the world a better place?

You’re probably wondering how we can make the world a better place with t-shirts. The answer is, we won’t. But it is a start to what we want to do. 

We try to make the shirts funny, solely for the purpose of making you laugh and making you smile. Making you laugh makes you just a little bit happier. If you’re having a bad day and you laugh at one of our shirts, we just made your day a little better, and in return you may make someone else’s day a little better. Happiness is a cycle. I make you laugh, you’re in a good mood, you put someone else in a good mood, and so on. It’s like paying it forward, but with happiness. I’m a big fan of Ellen DeGeneres, we have similar goals and values. She always says “Be kind to one another.” It’s the same idea. All it takes is being kind to one another to make the world a little bit happier. 

The shirts are just the beginning. We would like to donate some of the profits from the shirts to charities of all kinds. Let’s face it, 9 times out of 10, without money there’s not a whole lot you can do to make a large impact. We want to make a larger impact on the world than just selling some shirts. We want some of the money to go to cleaning our oceans, curing cancer, finding shelter dogs a home, anything that will make people happier and the world healthier. 

Bottom Line:

I have always wanted to impact the world one way or another. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved helping people, making people laugh, and just want people to get along.

Some kids become doctors so they can help people. I was going to be one of those kids. But then I worked in the medical field for a while, and the reality is that the healthcare field is a little corrupted. It’s about insurance and money and who can afford this and that. It’s less about actually helping people. You may get into the field to help people, and you may help a lot of people! But there are other times you’ll likely be stopped because of all the red tape.

Some kids come up with great inventions. Some kids come up with eco-friendly companies. Some kids, like me, are just creative. Don’t get me wrong, I have ideas that are much larger than a t-shirt company, but I don’t have the money to fund them or the means to make them a reality. Yet. So for now, this is where I’ll start.

If you’d like to help me promote a better world and a better you, please feel free to grab some of our gear and show it off. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram. Spread the word!

#StayChill #BeBetter #DoBetter


Ashly Colicchio

CEO and Owner