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Help us make a difference in the world!

Ashletics was founded to make the world a better place. One of the easiest ways to do that is by donating to organizations that are dedicated to giving back and changing the world. 

Don't want to buy a shirt, but still want to donate? Select an amount you'd like to donate, then select 1 of our 7 charities you'd like to donate it to! Each of our 7 charities were hand-picked by our CEO. Below, you can find a description of each and why they were chosen. 



1. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
New York, NY



It's rare to find someone who hasn't been effected by breast cancer. Whether you were diagnosed with it yourself, you've lost a loved one to it, or you know someone currently struggling. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. We have chosen The Breast Cancer Research Foundation as one of our charities because it has effected some of our closest friends and family, and we have watched how chemotherapy and other forms of treatment can take a toll on even the strongest of humans. We hope to help find a cure by donating to this organization. 


2. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Annapolis, MD



I was born and raised in the Annapolis, Maryland area. This company was founded in Annapolis, MD. I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay, went on Skipjack field trips to learn about saving oysters, crabs, and the rest of the local ecosystem. To say the least, the bay is close to my heart, so I chose this charity to help my hometown. If you've never been to the Maryland, DC, Virginia area where the Chesapeake Bay is located, here's a quick lesson: The bay is brackish and home to many creatures including oysters and the very popular menu item, the blue crab. As someone who has lived on the bay, I will be the first to say, it's gross. It's brown as can be and you can't see your feet. But it wasn't always like this. We were told growing up that you used to be able to see your feet. I don't know anyone that's been alive long enough to witness this. BUT we hope to help change that! Oyster and blue crab populations have been dwindling for years, only to recently start making a comeback. Same goes for the cleanliness of the bay. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation has been a huge part of this with their restoration projects and education to all of us locals as kids, so we chose them as our charity to help make the bay beautiful again.


3. Ocean Conservancy
Washington, DC


Like the Chesapeake Bay, our oceans have also been suffering for quite some time. Help bring the coral reef to life again and protect marine life by donating to the Ocean Conservancy. We love whales, sharks, dolphins, manatees, turtles, and all kinds of other marine life that need our help. We could never pick just one, so we decided to go with an organization that's dedicated to helping all sea creatures in all of our oceans!


4. World Wildlife Foundation
Washington, DC



Yes, we're already helping the oceans, but what about all the other animals? We wanted to donate to the Australia fires and help koalas and kangaroos as they try to recover. We found out that the World Wildlife Foundation was helping with the recovery efforts, and decided to go with them because they are able to do the greatest amount good for the greatest amount of animals and our environment. They have funds for everything including the ocean, Australia, and endangered species all over the world. If you're a wildlife lover of all kind, I'd pick this one. 


5. SPCA of Anne Arundel County
Annapolis, MD



We chose a lot of nationally recognized organizations in our list, so we wanted to give back to our local community for this one. Our business was founded in Annapolis, MD, and we love dogs. If we could give to ever SPCA or local shelter in America, we would, but for now we are sticking with the hometown crowd. They do tons of fun dog-friendly events to raise money, and they are well-known in the Annapolis community. I'd work with them any day, so we definitely want to support them! If you love dogs and want to help some Annapolis pups find a home, this is the charity for you!


6. Good Sports
Braintree, MA



Sports was a huge part of my life growing up. It's the main reason this company is called Ashletics. I have always been involved in everything sports including playing, coaching, training, sports marketing, or even sports medicine. Eventually, when this company makes more money and more of an impact, I'd like to host an annual sports fundraiser and even open a one-of-a-kind workout facility. But until then, we will be donating to Good Sports located in Massachusetts. We wanted to find an organization that gets equipment to those who may not be able to afford new equipment every year or new cleats every time they hit a growth spurt. We plan to do some equipment drives ourselves, but the cool thing about Good Sports is that they try to also get new equipment for those in need. If you go to their website, you can go to Equip-A-Kid and donate based on how much equipment may cost! You can click by sport, then by equipment needed in each sport in this awesomely designed program with very easy to follow pictures. I highly recommend you click the link above and check it out!


7. Concussion Legacy Foundation
Boston, MA



With sports, comes sport injuries. As mentioned before, I have worked in sports medicine so injury prevention is important to me. As a family who grew up playing sports, my brother suffered many concussions. Some diagnosed, some went unnoticed. He jokes about it, but it's a serious issue, and ultimately ended his football career his freshman year of college because of a faulty helmet. No matter the sport, there are tons of concussions that go unnoticed or undocumented, especially in sports you don't usually associate concussions with like field hockey or even volleyball. You may have heard of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). The first published evidence of this condition was made in 2005 by Dr. Bennet Omalu, when he discovered it in the brain of Hall of Fame NFL player, Mike Wesbter. Due to the massive amount of NFL players who suffer from concussions, there are conspiracy theories saying the NFL does everything to hide those that are diagnosed with CTE because they don't want the blame. This organization helps not only research CTE, but prevent concussions in the first place. We like them because it's a more subtle approach to introducing CTE to those interested in prevention, rather than an in-your-face, blame-professional-sports, type of approach. 


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