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Our company

is about big dreams, big ideas, having fun, and hopefully changing the world. People take life too seriously. We’re here to make sure you don’t! We do our best to come up with witty shirts and "Ashleisure" wear to make you and everyone reading your shirt smile or laugh a little. 

Our main goal is to make the world a better place. To do more, to do better. Whether it's by donating some of our profits to a charity, supporting our local community, or just making you laugh.

The world is in a weird place right now, everyone is protesting, everyone is over-sensitive, everyone has something to hate. We are here to get rid of the negativity, and just enjoy life. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but ours is to stay chill and hate less. So grab a tee, and join us in making the world a better place.


Our Slogan

is forever changing. We've decided that we don't want a permanent slogan. The world is forever changing, so if we want to change the world, our slogan should be too. Our slogan for today's cause could be different than tomorrow's. Every cause has a purpose, so every cause deserves its own tagline. Why limit ourselves to just one?


Our Mission

is simple. We want to change the world by inspiring others. We want to open your mind, maybe even change your perspective. We want to give to those who need it more than us. We sell t-shirts to help do this. But don't be fooled. Our priority is making a difference, not making money. 


Our Values

Stay Chill is the lifestyle that we like to live.


We believe that no matter the situation, it's all good.

Even if it isn't at the moment, everything will eventually be ok. Everything happens for a reason, even if we don't know what it is.


We believe that Chill Time is the best time. 

It's a time for you to relax your mind and body.


We believe in work-life balance.

This one is HUGE to us. In this day and age, people are working way over 40 hours a week and a lot of them aren't being compensated for it. We hardly have enough time to keep ourselves healthy by cooking dinner and working out, as well as time for family, friends, and that 8 hours of sleep we’re suppose to get. Long hours and other personal factors are taking a toll on our mental health and our ability to cope with stress and anxiety. Having a balance is crucial to our health and happiness.


We believe in mental health days. 

Recouping helps the mind and body relax and lessens the effect of everyday stressors. It allows people to communicate more effectively as they become less reactive to stressful situations.

The ability to communicate effectively has been lost in the age of technology. With open and honest communication, you can avoid unnecessary tension and misunderstandings.

So we believe, as long as you’re getting your work done, you deserve that day off, to leave early, or to just work from home. It makes a big difference in work ethic, lowers stress levels, and allows you to be more open-minded.


But most of all, we believe in honesty

Though it's listed last, honesty will always be our first priority and the first building block in everything we do. No lies, no secrets, no crooked leadership; we will always be honest with our supporters. 




(Before graduation, happy and tan before real life takes over)

I'm Ashly, the founder and brains behind the idea and all the big dreams. 

I've always loved sports and fitness (Ashly+Athletics= Ashletics). But I've also always loved being creative and helping others. I was born and raised in Maryland, but I moved to Orlando for college and fell in love with Florida, so you'll see a lot of shirts related to both of my homes. I graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2014.

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I have a Bachelor's in Exercise Science and I'm a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer). But to everyone's surprise, I work in Marketing! Makes a ton of sense right? Well despite what they tell you, there's not much you can do with an Exercise Science degree that will pay off all those student loans! So I turned to my love for creativity. I've always wanted to use my creativity for good, and make a difference in people's lives; this is my way of doing that while still working full-time. 

Eventually, I hope this company can raise enough money to not only reach our big ideas and goals, but help others in need as well. 

So here's to big ideas, going after what you want in life, and hopefully a better reality!

Let's Change the World.